Kaiser permanente


The leadership at Kaiser Permanente Hawaii wanted to ensure that every individual in the organization had a gut-level understanding of the decision process behind its new strategic vision and plan. Learning Design Network designed an interactive learning program to engage all employees in exploring the facts and trends that leadership considered when designing the plan. The activities gave meaningful context to the relevant issues in the healthcare delivery environment today. As a result, employees felt as though they were an integral part of the larger strategy and became motivated to act in alignment with it. Engagement among the 4,400 employees increased to over 84%.

Even the process of developing the learning map program helped us align our business leaders around these strategic initiatives. People really felt part of the development process so it helped enormously with buy-in. It was a nice surprise to see our employee engagement metrics go up as well.
— Janet Liang, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii President
Learning Design Network is the Apple of discovery learning and employee engagement … truly innovative, forward thinking, superlative design thinking ... and all the work serves to drive business performance. I hired LDN to lead the development of an interactive Strategic Plan engagement tool that was rolled out to over 3,200 employees in a 4 week period to rapidly align employees to the new strategic direction and create real internal brand ambassadors. The power of that process still has people talking, years later, and driving the critical leadership behaviors needed for success.
— Lee Ann Del Carpio. Inner Power International Founder & President
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